Scrapbook Intermission — Backstory — Charlie (and a little Aaron)

Finally, Aaron and Bianca (twins) were done with their senior year and I thought it’d be fun to have a graduation party. So I invited a bunch of sims, including Kiara, thinking her and Charlie would have fun. Well. I also invited one of the guys Kiara had previously dated. Oops! Now, I didn’t see what happened exactly but all of a sudden Charlie is crying and there is slapfest 2006 going on. Jared had apprently initiated something with Kiara and then Charlie, Charlie’s mom Amanda, and Charlie’s brother Ian all ended up in negative red enemy status with Kiara. Crap. And I had only 2 uni semesters to fix it because my plan was to have Charlie propose to Kiara during his graduation party while wearing his cap and gown.

I manage to patch things up and prior to graduating Charlie, went back to Swanson house to marry off Aaron to Phyllis (the downtownie with a blue shirt, blond hair, and birth control glasses) and Bianca to Dan Hunt (S4 college student with Robi face). First Aaron’s wedding. So exciting! My first wedding at Swanson house! They wed in the backyard after I moved the swingset.


But I forgot one important pre-wedding task…


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