Scrapbook Intermission — Backstory — Charlie (and a little Aaron)

Aaron and Phyl moved out the next morning, very very glad to have some privacy, to a small home by plasticbox. I decided to give the newlyweds the 20k they got from moving out, plus the 15k that Phyl brought upon marriage (into Swanson house).


Now, finally, its Charlie’s time to shine! He had a lovely graduation party, proposing successfully to Kiara ..


(could he be any cuter?!?!)

and zoom! back to the neighborhood for him!


I had him move directly into Aurora Road with Kiara. I had saved her last on a Friday evening after work, when she had Sat and Sun off. Charlie ran from the curb into the house. Kiara stopped what she was doing (picking the money tree) and leapt into his arms. Charlie ordered some formal clothes for them both from a hacked computer then went to fix dinner. Kiara waited at the table while Charlie served and lit the fireplace, and then they dined, flirting, blowing kisses, toasting, and enjoying their time together. Though they both desperately wanted to woohoo, they slept in separate beds. I’m all for making my sims suffer.

In the morning they got dressed in their wedding finery, posed for a few candid shots for the wedding photographer, and called for the wedding party! All was ready. After everyone arrived, Charlie and Kiara stopped slow dancing and headed out to the arch. I took a picture of them under the arch. And then ano… uh. W..T..F.


Game crash. Blue screen. Your computer has a problem and will be shut down. I was distraught. I was just shy of being in tears. My oldest daughter thought I had lost my mind.

So after some video driver rearranging, I had to recreate my dreamy, romantic state from the time Charlie arrived at Aurora Road.

blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

And finally a wedding! (just some pics). Ahhh, they are so sweet. I love them!


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