Scrapbook highlights for Fiona

I was so thrilled to finally see the pointed ears when Fiona turned toddler. If I’d have been thinking, I would’ve let her and Robi have another child in hopes of passing the ears on again. Alas, I wasn’t. She and Robi had several really bad chance cards and were dirt poor living in a cardboard box for much of their lives. I had to start buying $5k paintings and storing them in inventory so they wouldn’t lose all their money. As a result of their poverty, their daughter Faith, now in college, is a fortune sim and is about to make a poor husband choice (I think).

The “papers” are again actually fabric from Marcus Brothers. The embellishments are from Too Soon by Shabby Princess (and modified somewhat) and Just Passing Through. Also, a great place to find free supplies is DigiScrapDepot.



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