Scrapbook highlights for Genevieve

Genevieve took longer. I wanted to make sure I did her justice. G started out as absolutely not a favorite. She was a family sim who wasn’t nice at all and was pretty mean to everyone she met. So I decided she would be my first vampire. She’s not the most careful vampire and she’s been resurrected once and saved from Death once, both times by her brother Ian. Over time she has not only become my favorite female sim, but also my avatar and perhaps even “me,” online anyway :).

The lovely kit I used is Dazzling Evening by Newlife Dreams, the round spider lace frame is from Ephemeral Victorian and her name is spelled out with Elegant Gold Alpha by Meryl Bartho.



4 thoughts on “Scrapbook highlights for Genevieve

  1. Geth has a blog! While waiting for our darn private WoW server to come back up, I’ve been wandering around the net and checking old sites/etc. I found this through your site and have been getting caught up.

    I love the scrap booking images! Of course, I especially love Genevieve’s… hehe. 😉 I’ve never been very good at the scrap booking/collage stuff, so it’s fun to see it from people with experience or at least skill with it.

    I’m glad you still have time to sim! Goodness knows, you’re a busy lady.

  2. This was a very enjoyable read. The scrapbooks are simply wonderful – you have real talent. I have put you in my feed reader and will definitely be reading!

  3. Hey, I just caught up with your blog and I love it. It’s very fun to read it. I enjoyed it a lot. I think scrapbooking your simming is a great idea. I do some scrapbooking too with real life pictures but not digitally. Anyway, keep it up!

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