Scrapbook Intermission — Backstory — Charlie (and a little Aaron)

I was digging around my old sims stuff before I had Gethane Sims and found a bit of backstory for the 10 kids, mostly about Charlie. I thought it would be fun to post it as an intermissions between the first 5 scrap pages and the last 5. I wrote this entry and first posted it at a private Sims group I used to belong to, in September 2006.

As I was playing through and building Swanson House during the 10 kid challenge I was just sending sim after sim to college. My favorite of the 10 was number 3, Charlie.


Not sure exactly why. He’s a hunk, its true, but also he just has a kinda dreamy and sweet personality. So after Swanson House was built, 8 of the 10 kids were sitting in Uni at separate dorms (I love watching the going-to-college animation movie so I like to move them in separately, then start consolidating households). Continue reading