Welcome to Lake Crossing Chronicles, Founding Part 1

I began my Lake Crossing neighborhood in August 2006 as a clean neighborhood, restarting my game afresh without the bloat of 5-6 gigs of custom content. I intended to use it as a base to build maxis-only houses for sharing. I also really wanted to try the 10 baby challenge, after playing only Legacy style almost since Sim 2 was released. I had a failed try at a Prosperity Challenge and I was really itching to change the way I played my game.

So LC’s history begins with Amanda and Todd Swanson. To get a little variety into the genetics, I gave them black and brown hair (both equal dominance) and dark blue and brown eyes (again, equal sim’s genetic dominance). I always meant to do another 10 baby challenge in the same neighborhood with red/blond hair and light blue/green eyes. Hmmm.


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