Scrapbook highlights for Genevieve

Genevieve took longer. I wanted to make sure I did her justice. G started out as absolutely not a favorite. She was a family sim who wasn’t nice at all and was pretty mean to everyone she met. So I decided she would be my first vampire. She’s not the most careful vampire and she’s been resurrected once and saved from Death once, both times by her brother Ian. Over time she has not only become my favorite female sim, but also my avatar and perhaps even “me,” online anyway :).

The lovely kit I used is Dazzling Evening by Newlife Dreams, the round spider lace frame is from Ephemeral Victorian and her name is spelled out with Elegant Gold Alpha by Meryl Bartho.


Scrapbook highlights for Fiona

I was so thrilled to finally see the pointed ears when Fiona turned toddler. If I’d have been thinking, I would’ve let her and Robi have another child in hopes of passing the ears on again. Alas, I wasn’t. She and Robi had several really bad chance cards and were dirt poor living in a cardboard box for much of their lives. I had to start buying $5k paintings and storing them in inventory so they wouldn’t lose all their money. As a result of their poverty, their daughter Faith, now in college, is a fortune sim and is about to make a poor husband choice (I think).

The “papers” are again actually fabric from Marcus Brothers. The embellishments are from Too Soon by Shabby Princess (and modified somewhat) and Just Passing Through. Also, a great place to find free supplies is DigiScrapDepot.


Scrapbook Intermission — Backstory — Charlie (and a little Aaron)

I was digging around my old sims stuff before I had Gethane Sims and found a bit of backstory for the 10 kids, mostly about Charlie. I thought it would be fun to post it as an intermissions between the first 5 scrap pages and the last 5. I wrote this entry and first posted it at a private Sims group I used to belong to, in September 2006.

As I was playing through and building Swanson House during the 10 kid challenge I was just sending sim after sim to college. My favorite of the 10 was number 3, Charlie.


Not sure exactly why. He’s a hunk, its true, but also he just has a kinda dreamy and sweet personality. So after Swanson House was built, 8 of the 10 kids were sitting in Uni at separate dorms (I love watching the going-to-college animation movie so I like to move them in separately, then start consolidating households). Continue reading

Scrapbook highlights for Ethan

Ethan, who I wasn’t real fond of to begin with, was going to be a player, but he 3bolted with a fellow romance sim so I let them marry. They were going to live the DINK lifestyle (double income, no kids) but instead Ethan became a favorite by getting abducted! Only my 3rd ever. My 15 year old daughter nagged me into letting them also have a biological child together. ETA: Kit is Urban Kiwi by Shabby Princess.


Scrapbook highlights for Debra

I actually had this one done before Charlie’s 2nd version. This one is different in that I didn’t use a kit. Instead, I first used fabric swatches I downloaded from Marcus Brother’s Fabric Gallery, specifically the Ellery Collection. I saved the image, excised the tape measure, resized the images, and used them just like I’d use “papers” from a page kit. I did use a kit called Festival by Shabby Princess for the embellishments.

Anyway, on to Debra.


Scrapbook highlights for Charlie

Charlie is so special I did 2 separate pages for him because I wasn’t happy with the first one. He’s a favorite sim, second only to my beloved Kyle *grin*.

I used a LOVELY free page kit from Shabby Princess. She has a ton of stuff for download. Bandwidth heavy though!

Charlie married an older woman, Kiara (by noema @ MTS2) after they fell in 3 bolt love. They make out everywhere, still as elders. They have a lovely daughter Chloe, in college now, and Clark, a teen.


Scrapbook highlights for Aaron

For unknown reasons, I got it into my head that instead of wedding pictures, I should learn digital scrapbooking and do a page for each of the 10 kids. What the heck, why not. Good reason to learn how to dig scrapbook and also how to learn photoshop. My paintshop version doesn’t support png’s with alpha channel so I was forced to install my dh’s photoshop (which he has been bugging me to learn. He is really disdainful of paintshop.) I must say, I do now understand what all the fuss is about with photoshop :). I found all my supplies and instructions in the freebies at Digital Scrapbook Place.

Without further ado, Aaron.


Welcome to Lake Crossing Chronicles, Founding Part 1

I began my Lake Crossing neighborhood in August 2006 as a clean neighborhood, restarting my game afresh without the bloat of 5-6 gigs of custom content. I intended to use it as a base to build maxis-only houses for sharing. I also really wanted to try the 10 baby challenge, after playing only Legacy style almost since Sim 2 was released. I had a failed try at a Prosperity Challenge and I was really itching to change the way I played my game.

So LC’s history begins with Amanda and Todd Swanson. To get a little variety into the genetics, I gave them black and brown hair (both equal dominance) and dark blue and brown eyes (again, equal sim’s genetic dominance). I always meant to do another 10 baby challenge in the same neighborhood with red/blond hair and light blue/green eyes. Hmmm.


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