Scrapbook Intermission — Backstory — Charlie (and a little Aaron)

I was digging around my old sims stuff before I had Gethane Sims and found a bit of backstory for the 10 kids, mostly about Charlie. I thought it would be fun to post it as an intermissions between the first 5 scrap pages and the last 5. I wrote this entry and first posted it at a private Sims group I used to belong to, in September 2006.

As I was playing through and building Swanson House during the 10 kid challenge I was just sending sim after sim to college. My favorite of the 10 was number 3, Charlie.


Not sure exactly why. He’s a hunk, its true, but also he just has a kinda dreamy and sweet personality. So after Swanson House was built, 8 of the 10 kids were sitting in Uni at separate dorms (I love watching the going-to-college animation movie so I like to move them in separately, then start consolidating households).

Then I built Aurora Road and wanted someone to playtest it. I downloaded a sweet sim from MTS2, Kiara, and decided to use her.


I made her a fortune sim and sent her on several dates (as well as testing all the toilets, sinks, showers, beds, couches, bookcases, etc., at Aurora Road). She didn’t fall for any of the guys even though all were 1 and 2 bolts. So I broke down and used twojeffs Find-a-mate crystal ball that lets you see who some good matches are (top 5) and even teleports your choice to you if you want.

Imagine my pleasant surprise to see my dear Charlie pop up in the ball menu! I immediately teleported him to Kiara and they had a wonderful time. But now I was faced with a horrible, terrible task — getting Charlie (and Aaron and Bianca before him) through university. Bleh.

My plan was to stair-step the 10 Swanson kids so that as each year ended, I’d bring into the playing dorm the next Swansling in line for their freshman year. I also installed twojeffs college adjuster so that once everyone was all good on the grade meter, I could just jump to 2 hours before their final, saving me about half of each semester.


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