Lake Crossing Chronicles, Founding Part 2

As every parent of teens knows, sometimes family life isn’t so happy. Charlie and Amanda are at odds.


More ears, this time on Ian!


Finally! The last is about to be born. Again, outside. Silly exhibitionist.


And here’s Jackson!



3 thoughts on “Lake Crossing Chronicles, Founding Part 2

  1. Hi gethane! I was just revisiting some sites I hadn’t visited in a while and came upon this. I think I may do something similar…a 10 kid challenge to found a clean ‘hood. Your tips will come in handy. 🙂


    Alexis! Minena was just telling me she ran into you at that contest (I’m still working on an entry but have been stumbling. I have 2 new ideas to try now though.) Glad you found me. Next entry will just be some wedding photos, and then I’m going to tell Genevieve’s (the vamp) story so far. Hope everything’s great with you :). Thanks so much for the comment!


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