Lake Crossing Chronicles, Founding Part 2

The baby-making is done for good. Todd and Amanda become elders just a few hours after Jackson became a toddler.


I finished raising all the kids and sent them all to college, running them through four at a time, staggered by a year.

Thoughts about how I handled everything, what I’d do different, what I’d do the same.

1) I would run them through college the same, i.e. Aaron and Bianca went for a year, were joined by Charlie, then by Debra, then by Ethan, then Aaron and Bianca graduated as Fiona began. But once I started sending them out to the neighborhood, I would’ve staggered them so their age was 3 days apart, rather than continuing the 1 year stagger which was really just for ease of getting them all through college.

2) I’m very glad I did the alphabetical name thing. It has made it really easy to keep track of which house to play next and who’s supposed to be how old.

3) To do it over, I would make all kids rejoin the main house upon returning from college and then move them out on the next occuring Monday (so I didn’t have to use mods/hacks to change the day to keep all weeks synced). I do keep track of how much money they add to the household from college and with jobs and they get that amount when they move out and I subtract it from the main household. I really wish the game had this ability built in (personal finances).

4) I made all kids except the first, Aaron, take the name of their spouse upon marriage so that my whole neighborhood does not have the same last name. I’m glad I did it that way.

5) I would be more careful with gravestones. Somehow I managed to lose Todd’s gravestone.

6) I would more carefully plan the streets on the Lake Crossing terrain so it would look more town like.

Next up: Wedding albums and family tree updates (spouses and children of the 10 kids), description of other families that have moved to Lake Crossing and how I’ve integrated them, special stories of individual sims/families/events of interest.

3 thoughts on “Lake Crossing Chronicles, Founding Part 2

  1. Hi gethane! I was just revisiting some sites I hadn’t visited in a while and came upon this. I think I may do something similar…a 10 kid challenge to found a clean ‘hood. Your tips will come in handy. 🙂


    Alexis! Minena was just telling me she ran into you at that contest (I’m still working on an entry but have been stumbling. I have 2 new ideas to try now though.) Glad you found me. Next entry will just be some wedding photos, and then I’m going to tell Genevieve’s (the vamp) story so far. Hope everything’s great with you :). Thanks so much for the comment!


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